Jolie Guillebeau

999: Penultimate

January 4th, 2014

It’s been fun!
Tomorrow I’ll see you…
for the last one.

Thanks for being here with me for this.

Four years ago this month, I spent hours writing in my journal and attempting to figure out my life. The short version of all those words can be summed up quite succinctly.

Painters paint.

I wasn’t sure I could really call myself an artist. But I knew I had to paint, so I just started paintings. I decided to paint every day for three months and see what happened.

Four years later, tomorrow I’m finishing the daily painting project with 1000 small paintings. (Hell yeah, bitches!) I have plans and schemes for ways to commemorate this properly, but I’m going to tell you about those some other day.

You’ll still hear from me regularly, of course. I’m planning to send you an update of all the things I’m up to, plus progress on the TEDx project and a story or two every Wednesday for a few weeks. That way we don’t miss one another too much. (I couldn’t go cold turkey– you guys are such a big part of my days.)

Meanwhile, here’s the penultimate painting.

photo (94) photo (95)

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