Jolie Guillebeau

997: Fuel

January 2nd, 2014

Not much left to see,
because the paintings are down to three. 

Thanks for being here with me for this. I know the plan was to end yesterday, but I got behind while I had bronchitis last week, so we still have a couple of paintings left.


I spent a long time yesterday fighting with my butane torch. The flame was inconsistent and kept going out. So the wax wasn’t melting and I kept getting frustrated.

Finally, I gave up. I threw the old can away, and replaced it with my spare can of fuel. Whoosh! Suddenly, I had a torch again! The flame was crazy powerful, and quick to ignite.

It made me realize how long my tank had been low on fuel. I’d forgotten how effective it is when you’re working with enough fuel.

It’s probably a lesson I can apply to other parts of my life, I bet.

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