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994: Steps

December 30th, 2013


Whew! Last week was a little rough over here. But I’m once again vertical and I’m back with a new painting. Only six left! Thanks for being here with me for this.


I spent most of the weekend finishing up my goals for 2014.Chris and I go on vacation together to plan and review for the year, and I generally leave with a clear idea of what I want for the year ahead. However, I’ve learned that I really need to be back in front of my desk with a pile of blank index cards to properly plan my next steps.

First, I start by clarifying each role– there are eight total and they’re things like artist, teacher, creative learner, family member, and friend.

Then I write a statement about each one that encompasses my hopes and aspirations for the year. I try to be pretty specific. So for example, my Creative Learner role is one that takes up a lot of space in my planning. My goal for that role is:

In 2014, I’ll fulfill my creative learning goals by taking a pottery class, completing another alphabet recipe project, finishing my colorwork sweater, getting my purple belt in TaeKwonDo, hosting six parties, typing 250 journal pages, giving three talks on stage, and attending three workshops.

From there, I pull out the index cards and make a card for each of those goals. Then I think through what the finished result would be and work my way back through every single tiny step to get there. Each goal becomes a project, and each project has dozens of steps.

Finally, once that’s done for every role, goal, and project. I work my way through the cards and create a giant to-do list of first steps. That way I know exactly where to start to begin the year well.

The hardest part of anything for me is knowing where to begin, and once I make that to-do list and break it down in to tiny tiny steps it all becomes much more manageable.

Baby steps will get you far.

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