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WDS Wrapped.

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

I don’t usually do a post WDS post, because I’m often so tired and usually feel like I’ve already expended my allotment of words for the month. Honestly, until we started planning and hosting WDS, I didn’t realize how much of an introvert I truly am.

And beyond the introversion is the fact that I am clearly an¬†HSP. (On that test, I answer true for 25 of the 27 questions.) So most of the weekend, I’m slightly overstimulated and a wound a little too tightly. Often I’m holding ten things or more in my head and I feel terrible that I can’t give my full attention to every one who wants to talk to me.

But now that I’m three years in to this event, I’ve learned a few things.

One: Sleep. I’ve learned to pace myself. Friday and Saturday were both early nights for us, because we knew we’d need to be up early and even though we were excited, we wanted to give our full attention to what was happening on stage.

Two: Eat. Regular meals, with lots of protein and good for me vegetables, make the difference between a meltdown and laughing over an unexpected glitch. Friday and Saturday I was able to pull away and walk a few blocks to my favorite juice bar. The veggies and the walk in the sunshine gave me enough space to make it through the rest of the day easily.

Three: Own it. The first year I was thrown for a loop by all the well-intentioned but hurtful backhanded compliments. People meant well, but it made me weary to constantly hear myself referred to as a “good wife.” By the end of the weekend, I’m usually ready to shake anyone who says, “Behind every good man is a woman…” or any variation of that phrase. Chris sees me as an equal partner is this crazy madcap life we’ve created, and it used to really bother me when other people belittled my role just because it wasn’t as visible. Now, I just smile and respond with something like, “Yes, we’re a great team” and keep walking. I don’t need anyone else to validate who I am in the world, so I no longer let them invalidate me as well.

All of these things keep me a little more steady on my feet throughout the weekend and the weeks to follow. Each year I find my footing a little more.

Creating an event like this takes a tremendous amount of work and coordination. Our team this year was better than ever, and stepped up in so many ways. We all make sacrifices and choices in the hopes that we’re creating the best experience possible for our attendees and the community, but because we were working together as a team, that seemed easier this year. I knew other people had my back.

Between the zoo, being on stage at the Schnitz and coordinating a toast which required 2800 glasses of champagne¬† cider, there were no shortage of highlights for me. But my most magical moment was Sunday afternoon’s debut of Indie Kindred.

Watching that movie on the big screen, sitting with Tera on one side and Liz Lamoreux on the other I felt so grateful. Grateful for the space I was in, grateful for these friends who are family and family who are also friends. Grateful for this life I have.

photo by Jen Lee