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Holiday Newsletter

Friday, November 27th, 2009

This is a copy of my Holiday newsletter. Didn’t get yours? You can subscribe here.


The tree outside my studio window is completely bare, so I’m guessing that my favorite season is coming to an end. Technically, I know that fall lasts until December 22, but I tend to think of this time as a completely separate season. The holiday season.

My second favorite season. Do I need to tell you why? Presents and carols and visitors and twinkly lights…

And for the Guillebeaus it always means vacation, too! Chris and I have a tradition of planning the upcoming year every December while we’re on vacation. And this year’s vacation starts earlier than normal. We’re leaving on December 1st and I’m getting things ready.

My show at Powell’s goes up Monday evening, and I’ll be selling my prints there for the first time, but I wanted to give you guys the first chance at buying your very own.

See No Evil. 8x10 print $35

The only catch is that you must order by Monday at noon. We’re flying out Tuesday, and I want to take these to the post office before we leave. So, Monday is the deadline for shipping– and I only have 20 prints available right now, so hurry.

Happy Apple 8×10 print $35

You can buy the prints here.

Other news

You might’ve noticed a new newsletter fomat. That’s because i redesigned the site last week. You can go look here. Don’t forget to leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Also, become my fan on Facebook. I post other offers and details about what’s going on there.

And if you’re in Portland, don’t forget to stop by Powell’s this month to see my work in person.

Stay Tuned…

Now that I’ve figured out the printing process, next up–notecards. I’ve had lots of requests, so they’re on my list for 2010.

Meanwhile, have a terrific holiday and a happy new year!


You might've noticed…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Things look a little different around here.

Yes, I know. I just re-did the site earlier this year. I’d outgrown the blogspot site and needed more that just a single page with blog posts. So I found a new solution, and I was really happy with everything they offered. Email newsletter software, contact forms, blog, a portfolio with Paypal options… It was exactly what I needed. Yay!

But. There were a few problems. The design never came together. There was this crazy indent at the beginning of every blog post and I couldn’t get rid of it. Somethings were just too complicated. Comments never worked the way they were supposed to. And it was costing me $28 per month. Ouch.

So I did a little research. And I learned a little more about WordPress. And Tsilli (genius that she is) gave me a bit of advice. And look– I can have all the same stuff I had before, but now it’s free!

And that crazy indent is gone– with makes this perfectionist very very happy.

P.S. Somethings aren’t perfect yet, so if you find something that looks funny, can you let me know? Thanks!

Flickr image by cmefish.