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Treats all around…

Friday, October 30th, 2009

I celebrated fall last night with a caramel apple. Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

Rachelle has a treat to celebrate her birthday over at Magpie Girl. She put together the recipes we used from the SoulSisters Retreat this summer, and made a fabulous, fabulous gift for you. SoulFood: How to cook for a tribe features recipes from me, wisdom from Rachelle and blessings from poet Jessica Shafer. It’s beautifully put together and yours with just a click. Go get it!

Thanks to Kind Over Matter for the mention, too!

Another treat: Remember I’m cleaning out the jewelry in my etsy shop to make room for new goodness. I’ll take all the jewelry down next week. Use the discount code: TREATS to get 15% off all jewelry!

Happy Fall!

Fall is My Favorite Season

Monday, October 5th, 2009

This is an excerpt from my quarterly newsletter– didn’t get your copy? You can subscribe here and stay up to date on what’s happening here. Plus, I usually offer a discount to newsletter subscribers, because I love them the most.

The leaves are starting to change here in Portland and I’m so excited. Fall is the best. Winter is cold and grey and lasts forever. Summer is hot and sweaty and goes on for ages. Spring comes in spurts– a little color here, a few blooms there, but Fall– Fall comes all at once and for just a few weeks in October everything is fiery and golden and glorious.

Plus, it’s fun to paint.












I always think of fall as a chance to start over. Another person described it to me as “making a clearing.” I like this idea. So I’m making a clearing. I’ve had lots of fun making jewelry over the past few years, and many of you have bought my beads and little paintings that come with the jewelry, but I really want to focus on painting. So I’m changing a few things up.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Prints now available!

I’m super excited about finally breaking out in to prints. I’ve researched this and gotten some good advice and I think I’m ready. Over the next few months I’ll gradually make more of my paintings available as prints, starting with these two.

Both of these are available now as 8×10 prints on fine art paper. I worked carefully with the printer to make sure that the colors are really vibrant and clear– and I’m thrilled with how they’ve turned out. Each print is available here for only $35.

I also have one Artist’s Proof of each of these paintings available. It’s an 11×14 giclee print with a matte finish– signed and dated by me (obviously). If you’re interested, please email me. Since there’s only one of each of these, they’re priced at $150.

If these aren’t paintings or prints that you’re terribly excited about, and you have other things from me that you’d like to see available as a print, please let me know! I’m having trouble deciding what my next prints should be and I’m always glad to get a second (or twelfth) opinion.

2. Making a Clearing.

So back to Fall. It’s my chance to clear somethings out and refocus a bit and I’ve decided to do just that. Most of my jewelry listed on Etsy expires on this fall, and since I’m clearing things out, I’ve decided not to renew the listings. So, as of November 5, I’ll remove all of my jewelry listings from Etsy completely.

Since I don’t want this stuff just sitting in my studio, I’d love it if you bought it instead. That way I’m really clearing things out (since that’s kind of the point). It’s a win-win. You get goodies and I get more space in my studio for painting stuff.

Go look here!

3. Places to see my work.

You can always find me here, of course. Or you can be my fan on Facebook. I’m also a regular on The Daily Original. And for the month of December, I’ll be exhibiting at The Fresh Pot inside Powell’s Books on Hawthorne, so if you’re needing an excuse to come to Portland, you can see my work in person there.

Meanwhile, I’ll be playing with watercolors (my new favorite thing), going to visit family, and helping Chris with the final edits on his book.

And of course, I’ll be carving a pumpkin, jumping in a pile of leaves and pulling all the warm clothes out of the back of the closet– YAY for Fall!!