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Yet more images…

Friday, December 12th, 2008

I finally got to my camera, the cable and a computer all at once. Actually, Chris loaded them for me, but I’m making an effort here, so work with me, ok?

These are a few more photos from last Thursday and from my studio this week…

In the true Guillebeau tradition, here’s a picture of someone taking a picture of me. This is Yuriko, another artist (and friend) from the Fat Tiger Show.

My recent work… An old Chatter Phone, mailed from my mom. (Thanks, Mom!) The colors are more accurate here, but the glare is terrible.

Here there’s no glare, but the colors are terrible. You see the dilemma.

This (what do you call this thing?) is a toy I loved as a kid. Except I could never get the shapes out once I put them in. And that made me mad. Now they’ve made it easier to open, or my arms are stronger, because I can get the shapes out pretty easily.

I found it at the Ballard Goodwill for $1.49. I love that. And it has all the pieces.

Ok, I’m off. The next pictures you’ll see here will be of sunny skies and ocean views. Meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas and eat a candy cane for me.


Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Apparently, over the past month a few of my posts disappeared– it was probably a user error, but I’ve restored them and now you’ll have lots to read at once.

I promise that pictures of my recent work will be here before I leave town on Saturday. I’m heading for warmer weather and sunshine for a week or two.

Fat Tiger Studio Show…

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Last Thursday, I participated in a Holiday Show with other local artists for the First Thursday Artwalk in Pioneer Square. It was great. Several people came out just to see me, which amazed me, and I got some really positive feedback about my work (always a good thing).

A view of the crowds…

Me setting up… (notice the walking cast there– it’s off now!)

Showing is still a new process for me, so it’s honestly a bit scary, but I’m starting to like it…sometimes.

(Photos credit: Ryan Molenkamp. Thanks, Ryan.)

Small steps.

Monday, December 8th, 2008

This is the MRI image of my ankle pre-surgery. It’s fixed now. Mostly. So that means I can walk (using a cane) and cook dinner again. I can get on the bus without making everyone else wait, and I can wear skirts again. It also means that everything else I do becomes much easier, so I can catch up on all the other things that matter. Like here. I missed writing. I missed being in this space. I’m glad to be back.

Thanks for being patient– I hope you’re still out there!

Painting pictures and show updates soon!